Awesome Outdoor Decor

Whether you have a porch, patio, deck, or balcony, summer is all about that outdoor living. And there’s no reason you can’t pay the same level of attention to your outdoor space as you do your indoor ones. Your outdoor living space should be a place you go to escape, whatever that means for you. Here are a few of our favorite outdoor spaces!

This screened-in porch combines rustic and industrial elements to create a uniquely chic area that can be enjoyed year-round in the south. 1490107626-character-building-porch-0317.jpgPhoto: Country Living
This small concrete slab deck was absolutely transformed with a painted rug. The breezy white curtains hanging from the pergola and the succulent chandelier tone down the bright pops of fun color to keep the space relaxing and elevate the look. Go to A Beautiful Mess for step-by-step DIY instructions to create your own painted rug.
outdoorrug.jpgPhoto: A Beautiful Mess
This front porch looks absolutely luxurious with its layers of soft textures. The chairs, rugs, throws, and pillows all in creamy tones with earthy accents create a space that is both elegant and cozy.Awesome-Farmhouse-Front-Porch-Ideas-03.jpgPhoto: Popy Home
This modern deck space proves that sometimes less really is more. The minimal decor and clean lines are meant to allow the view to be the focus of this space, which makes perfect sense for this Hawaii home. Don’t think you have to live in a tropical paradise to take inspiration from this look though.roundup-outdoor-swings-6-nicole-hollis-hawaii-600x900.jpgPhoto: Design Milk
What else could you want with this beautiful combination outdoor kitchen and living room? Multiple seating areas, a television, fireplace… why would you ever go inside? We love how the hanging plants are used to create a feeling of privacy.danielsporchz_fullPhoto: HouseTrends
Don’t think you need an expansive space to create your own outdoor paradise. We love the way people have created a huge impact with a small area.

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All Photos: Homefulies

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