A Look at Some Beautiful Stones in Our Inventory

Indoor Showroom

Here at Prestige Marble & Granite, we’re proud to offer our customers the best and most beautiful natural stones for interior and exterior design projects. We literally search the world for the best quality stone with the most attractive coloration and patterning. From classic colors to exotic and rare, we’re able to offer our customers vast selections to suit any decorating style, personal taste, and budget. Here’s a look at some of our latest acquisitions. (Keep in mind that pictures don’t exactly convey the true colors and beauty of the stones, and patterns within a color will vary from slab to slab. We invite you to visit our indoor showroom to view these unique stones in person!)

Crema Bordeaux Granite

Crema Bordeaux is famous for its amazing colors and is often said to resemble the planet Jupiter with its swirling pink and cream patterns. Grey to dark blue mineral deposits ground the red tones, making this stunning stone easy to integrate in most any design scheme.

Crema Bordeaux slab Crema Bordeaux

Blizzard Granite

One look at Blizzard and you can see how it got it’s name! This exotic stone is black granite with white veins and resembles marble, but is ideal for kitchen countertops.

Blizzard Blizzard (B3) (close up1) copy

Bari White Granite

Black, beige & gray speckles with distinct veining give Bari White a very dramatic, modern look.

Bari White A11 Bari White CU

Millennium Dream Granite

Millennium Dream has rich gold hues accentuated by grey and rose veining, perfect for creating a warm, yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Millennium Dream Mill-dream-detail6

Blue River Granite

A beautiful blueish-grey stone with purple to black and beige veining throughout, Blue River Granite is a stunning stone for countertops, bathroom vanities, and fireplaces.

Blue River Granite bl-river-detail1

Audax Granite

This extraordinary polished granite from Brazil mixes rich chocolate and glittery gold tones with warm charcoal gray hues, broken up with chunks of light-reflecting quartz. Rich and glamorous Audax will bring light and life to your designs.

Audax audax-detail1

These beautiful selections are just a few in our extensive collection of designer stones! We offer the largest selection of the highest quality, rare and exotic natural stones available in Middle Tennessee – we would love for you stop by the Prestige Marble & Granite showroom and browse any time.

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