How to Choose the Best Lighting to Enhance Your Granite or Marble Countertops

If you have invested in marble or granite countertops (or are planning to), don’t forget the important role your lighting plays when it comes to displaying your beautiful new countertops in their best light.

When considering how to best illuminate your under cabinet countertops, understand that the cabinetry will create dark shadows that will cause your countertops to recede into the background and blend in with your backsplash. Ceiling lighting won’t reach your countertops, but under cabinet light fixtures will not only give you excellent task lighting, they will illuminate the stone, calling attention to the textures and colors, and creating a little sparkle because light is reflected by the quartz crystals that are inherent in both marble and granite.

When selecting your under cabinet lighting, be aware that marble or granite countertops can create a mirrored effect. Avoid light fixtures that reflect directly onto your countertop by choosing fixtures that have a lens over the light bulb to minimize reflections. Also, consider the color, as dark countertops will absorb more light – you’ll want to make sure your fixtures give off enough light.

There are two main types of under cabinet lighting: linear (or strip) and puck. Linear fixtures are long and thin, and will distribute light more evenly across the countertop. They are designed to fill up the space beneath each cabinet cavity and are sold in standard increments of length. If you go with linear, you should try to select the longest light fixture that will still fit under your cabinet.
John Willis Homes

Linear or strip lighting – Photo by brendamayton

Puck lights are small, circular light fixtures that create pools of light on the kitchen countertop. If you decide to go with puck lights, make sure to install one puck light for every six to ten inches of space.

Burnaby Kitchen
Under cabinet puck lights – Photo by SKG Renovations 
For kitchen islands, the best lighting fixtures for tasks and enhancing your marble or granite countertops are pendant lighting, either several smaller fixtures, or one over-sized fixture. They are a great solution for providing adequate task lighting while also providing an opportunity to enhance the kitchen design. Typically pendants should be placed 28 to 34 inches above the countertop, or 72 inches above the floor.
PMG Kitchen
Island with pendant light

When it comes to your countertops, Prestige Marble & Granite is here to help you with a vast selection of unique, exotic and rare natural stones from around the world. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through selection, layout, design and installation. We welcome homeowners, designers, and contractors to browse our showroom any time!

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