Tips for a Happy Remodel

color swatches and plans

How to Survive a Home Renovation

It’s a rare couple who can agree upon everything in their lives; and even if you concur most of the time, it’s likely you will still differ on some issues in your lives, especially during a remodel. Given that home renovations can be a little stressful at best, it’s not surprising that differences in opinion can escalate into outright discord. How do you resolve polar opposition with your loved one when undergoing a major renovation? Follow these tips for a happy remodel.


What couple doesn’t disagree about expenditures at some point in their lives? Major renovations are costly, with a wide range of price points available for all the different elements. Differences of opinion on where and how to spend are bound to arise. The best way to get through this potential roadblock is to set a sensible budget range as soon as possible. Your remodeling professional can help you, based on the size of your space and your basic needs and wants, as well as the amount of money you have to spend. It’s smart to work within a range, rather than a set dollar amount, because you could encounter something unexpected, especially if your home is older. Another reason to have a range is because you might want to make a change or two along the way–without straining the budget – and the relationship.

Define your style

If your tastes or design styles are markedly different, don’t despair; your remodeled space doesn’t have to be one style or the other. A professional designer can help you combine your styles, even if you can’t see it yourself. So, the tip here is to define your styles, no matter how incongruous they may seem, and present them to your designer at the beginning. You may be surprised at how an interior design professional can bring together the most dissimilar tastes.


Your remodeling professional can be your guide throughout the renovation process, but do your homework. The digital age has made it easy to learn about design styles, color, appliances, materials and more. Whether you research together or separately, create a notebook of all the things that interest you, then share and discuss them with your designer or remodeling pro. Your notebook can be a real one with clippings and handwritten notes, or you can head to the internet for great tools like Houzz and Pinterest.


It’s realistic to understand from the beginning that you may not be able to agree on everything and you may just have to compromise. Separately make a list of your needs and wants, then work together to combine your “must-haves.”  Being open to the give and take of a major project is the first step in the right direction–and the best direction for your home and your family. By starting a major renovation project with a mindset of diplomacy and flexibility, compromises will come much easier.

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