What You Need To Know About Decorating With Black & White

The classic color combination of black and white can make any room feel unquestionably sophisticated, chic, and effortlessly elegant. While nothing quite makes a statement like black and white, this simple color scheme is not exactly fool-proof. So, how do you decorate with black and white?

It’s important to first determine how you want the room to feel. Consider what kind of effect you want. Some good words that describe the different atmospheres a room can emanate are:  calming, dramatic, elegant, sophisticated, classic, chic, playful, whimsical, soothing, and cozy.  Next, do your research. Design magazines (online or print) are great resources for inspiration, as are websites such as Pinterest and Houzz. Instagram has become the darling of design world, so that’s definitely worth checking out.  Also, look to your local interior design shops to find ideas. Art museums and the fashion runway are excellent sources for inspiration, too. To avoid an unconnected, chaotic look, it’s important to plan ahead, but the most important thing to remember is that you must be ready to make a strong statement or your black and white scheme will fall flat. Here are some tips and ides for successful decorating with black and white.

1. Keep accessories simple.

A  bold, high-contrast black and white design can instantly add interest to an otherwise basic space, but be sure to keep other accessories simple to allow for maximum visual impact.

2. Add a third pop of color.

A black and white themed room will often have more impact when you introduce a third accent color in a bright hue such as red, yellow, turquoise, orange, or hot pink, to name just a few vivid examples

3. Alter pattern scale.

This room has not one, but three, different patterns in black and white. By changing the scales of the different black and white patterns in the space, the room remains cohesive without going overboard.

4. Buy all white or all black accessories.

With the exception of throw pillows, accessorize with all black or all white pieces for flexibility. You can choose to mix them, or switch out your displays for all white items or all black items, which gives you three different looks.

5. Go for the unexpected!

The classic black and white kitchen usually sports white cabinetry with black as a secondary color.  Give your design an unexpected twists by flipping it around to create a unique look that is just as timeless and elegant as its reverse counterpoint.


For more Black & White inspiration, visit our Pinterest Board!


Whatever color scheme you choose, Prestige Marble and Granite has the countertop you need to help make your design dreams come true. We offer a large selection of exotic and rare natural stones to complement any design project. Stop by our indoor showroom anytime; we’re here to help you every step of they way – from selection and layout through fabrication and installation.

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