Holiday Decor: Halloween Class Acts

While it’s totally cool to go kitschy-spooky with your Halloween decor, there may be times when you might want to create a bit more of a sophisticated, creepy vibe. If you’re yearning for a Halloween look that will tickle the fancy of both kids and grown-ups alike, get inspired with these fun and festive ways to get your ghoul on.

An abundance of pumpkins and gourds makes a festive display of autumn’s bounty. The cornucopian cascade is quite fitting for the home’s elegant entry and the delightful oversized jack-lanterns add just the right amount of Halloween whimsy.

Here’s a pretty Halloween tableau that’s a lot more sophisticated than anything you would find at Party City!

For a show-stopping ode to Halloween, just cover your home’s exterior with gigantic spiders!

Less is more: these simple white pumpkins prove you don’t have to go over the top to show off your Halloween spirit.

Eerie framed images and bugs, a vulture on a bird-cage, dead flowers and black candles. Straight out of Edgar Allen Poe, and it works!

 Orange pumpkins are fun. But metallic pumpkins? So much better!
This mantle has a great Halloween vibe without an orange pumpkin in sight.
Simple and effective!
Image Credits: Click on images to view sources.
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