Marble Mania: Calacatta vs Carrara

PMG kitchen with Calacatta
Calacatta Gold Countertops from Prestige Marble & Granite

Carrara or Calacatta? They’re both Italian, they’re both white with grey veining, and to confuse matters even more, much of Calacatta comes from Carrara. There are differences, however, and once you know what to look for, you should be able to distinguish between Carrara and Calacatta like a pro.

Calacatta Marble
Large, dramatic veining is a trademark of Calacatta and one of the most noticeable differences. The patterns tend to be bigger, bolder and more contrasting than Carrara marble. Another defining trait of Calacatta is the whiteness of the background. The whiter the material and the more “uniform” the veining, the more rare, and thus more expensive, the slabs. The look of Calacatta is luxurious and it should be because Calacatta is even rarer than Carrara.

This Calacatta slab with it’s dramatic grey veining makes a stunning fireplace surround.

This kitchen is clad in a variation of Calacatta that has warm gold veins mixed in. Calacatta Gold works well with both cool and warm tones.

Carrara Marble
You’ll notice the veining of Carrara is smaller and finer and the color is grayer over all. While Calacatta can vary in tones, Carrara is classically gray. Although Cararra can have have some large and dramatic veining like Calacatta, it will also has many fine feathery lines.

Carrara marble is the perfect choice for this unfussy, yet sophisticated kitchen.

Although the Carrara in this kitchen has some bold veining, unlike Calacatta, it is grayer and also has many fine lines.

While Calacatta feels more opulent than Carrara, that isn’t good or bad –it just depends on what type of room you’re designing. The subtler look of Cararra marble can still be used to create a very sophisticated look. Carrara is a classic, while Calacatta is a showstopper. They both look fabulous in kitchens and bathrooms, or anywhere you would like to add a touch of sophistication or elegance!

Photo Credits: Click on images to view sources.

Here at Prestige Marble and Granite, we only select the best Calacatta and Carrara slabs, the rarest, the most unique – the one in a thousand. The slabs with the most gorgeous veining and most pleasing patterns are the ones you’ll find in our designer showroom. You can count on us to have the finest stones available for a look that’s unique and characteristic of your personal style. 



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